Tri Dog Weekend


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeTime AdjCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosClub
111The Yellow Bellies 00:26:25.1-00:10:00Open1X1
29Lincolnshire Allsorts 00:26:25.4-00:10:00Open2X2
37Bandit K9 Racing 00:29:01.0-00:05:00Open3X3
43HPR Souls 00:31:02.6-00:10:00Open4X4
52Tri 2 Run 00:32:57.8-00:05:00Open5X5
68Anglian Doggers 00:35:03.8-00:10:00Open6X6
71K9 Capers 00:41:13.4-00:05:00Open7X7
85Running Riot Team White Dog 00:42:20.0-00:10:00Open8X8
96NATB Dog Sports 00:43:35.8-00:10:00Open9X9
104Tri 2 Swim 01:03:28.8Open10X10
1110Tri 2 Bike 01:06:22.0+00:10:00Open11X11
12Dunedawg DNFOpenX
13Ashridge, One-Day Wonders DNFOpenX
14North of Tyne DNF-00:05:00OpenX
Page 1 of 1 (14 items)