December 2018 Track 5k
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Mobile Results
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Race No *
Cat Pos
Time Behind
Gen Pos
3Jon Dearnley-LaneDNFM Open MaleRochdale Harriers 
104John Deasey00:19:44.9M Open900:02:34.5Male9  15.2 km/h
116Bethan Faulkner00:19:45.4F Open200:00:22.1Female2Rochdale Triathlon Club 15.2 km/h
17Lewis Hinchcliffe00:17:10.4M Open1 Male1  17.5 km/h
28Philip Hinchcliffe00:17:16.5M Open200:00:06.0Male2  17.4 km/h
39Owen Mitchell00:18:00.6M Open300:00:50.2Male3Rochdale Triathlon Club 16.7 km/h
411Ben Nuttall00:18:22.7M Open400:01:12.3Male4Rochdale Triathlon Club 16.3 km/h
612Andrew Rogers00:18:42.4M Open600:01:32.0Male6Rochdale Triathlon Club 16.0 km/h
813Tim Shanker00:19:18.3M Open800:02:07.9Male8  15.5 km/h
714Craig Sykes00:18:53.9M Open700:01:43.4Male7Rochdale Triathlon Club 15.9 km/h
915Sarah Thomas00:19:23.2F Open1 Female1  15.5 km/h
516Mick Wildbore00:18:34.6M Open500:01:24.1Male5Royton Road Runners 16.1 km/h
1917Jamie Clark00:21:22.7M Open1600:04:12.3Male16Rochdale Triathlon Club 14.0 km/h
3918Peter Coad00:24:57.3M Open3100:07:46.9Male31  12.0 km/h
19Colette CookeDNFF Open Female  
2620Danielle Dignan00:22:16.8F Open700:02:53.5Female7Rochdale Triathlon Club 13.5 km/h
1321Steve Edge00:20:11.3M Open1100:03:00.9Male11  14.9 km/h
1522David Emanuel00:20:17.5M Open1200:03:07.1Male12Royton Road Runners 14.8 km/h
3023John Fay00:22:59.1M Open2300:05:48.7Male23  13.1 km/h
2224Sarah Glyde00:21:33.8F Open500:02:10.5Female5  13.9 km/h
2125Emma Gumbley00:21:28.9F Open400:02:05.6Female4  14.0 km/h
2826Andy Hall00:22:21.3M Open2100:05:10.9Male21  13.4 km/h
1628Matt Jones00:20:25.7M Open1300:03:15.3Male13  14.7 km/h
2929Jason Keast00:22:40.3M Open2200:05:29.9Male22  13.2 km/h
3630Sharon Livesey00:24:17.3F Open800:04:54.0Female8Rochdale Triathlon Club 12.4 km/h
3132Gary Marshall00:23:36.3M Open2400:06:25.8Male24Royton Road Runners 12.7 km/h
1434Jenni Pilling00:20:14.8F Open300:00:51.5Female3  14.8 km/h
2435Gareth Prince00:22:06.6M Open1800:04:56.1Male18  13.6 km/h
2036Mark Reynolds00:21:27.1M Open1700:04:16.7Male17Rochdale Triathlon Club 14.0 km/h
4237Bryony Rogers00:25:24.3F Open1000:06:01.0Female10Rochdale Triathlon Club 11.8 km/h
2538Thomas Rogers00:22:11.1M Open1900:05:00.6Male19  13.5 km/h
3839Stephen Senior00:24:26.9M Open3000:07:16.5Male30  12.3 km/h
3440Sid Sid00:23:51.6M Open2700:06:41.2Male27  12.6 km/h
1741Ian Stainthorpe00:21:12.9M Open1400:04:02.5Male14Rochdale Harriers 14.1 km/h
1844Brian Thomas00:21:20.6M Open1500:04:10.2Male15  14.1 km/h
2745Steven Thomas00:22:19.6M Open2000:05:09.2Male20  13.4 km/h
2346Tana Vengrinova00:21:43.7F Open600:02:20.4Female6Rochdale Triathlon Club 13.8 km/h
4047Kirstie Williamson00:25:03.4F Open900:05:40.1Female9Rochdale Triathlon Club 12.0 km/h
3548Leon Brackstone00:24:15.5M Open2800:07:05.1Male28Rochdale Triathlon Club 12.4 km/h
5349Vicki Faulkner00:28:48.3F Open1700:09:25.0Female17  10.4 km/h
4753Caroline Hadfield00:26:22.7F Open1200:06:59.4Female12Rochdale Triathlon Club 11.4 km/h
6154Tony Hayhurst00:31:27.7M Open3800:14:17.3Male38  9.5 km/h
5455Jill Heywood00:29:07.8F Open1800:09:44.5Female18  10.3 km/h
6256Nina Mcarthur00:32:07.5F Open2400:12:44.2Female24Rochdale Triathlon Club 9.3 km/h
4657Julia Moore00:26:22.4F Open1100:06:59.2Female11Rochdale Triathlon Club 11.4 km/h
6458Su Page00:38:49.5F Open2600:19:26.2Female26  7.7 km/h
5659Daniel Taylor00:29:55.2M Open3700:12:44.8Male37  10.0 km/h
5760Lesley Taylor00:29:55.4F Open2000:10:32.1Female20  10.0 km/h
6061Catherine Unwin00:30:29.1F Open2300:11:05.8Female23  9.8 km/h
4963Christie-Anne Cunningham00:26:36.2F Open1400:07:12.9Female14  11.3 km/h
Page 1 of 2 (66 items)