May 2k Club Challenge

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PosTimeNameNameRace NoClubCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosPoints = Metres RunDistanceDate Completed
139000:05:45Billy SpannBilly Spann
#399 Male Boys Open
399Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open748Male7489800.98 km09/05/20
137900:06:36Billy SpannBilly Spann
#311 Male Boys Open
311Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open740Male74010101.01 km07/05/20
4300:09:09Cait FordCait Ford
#189 Female Girls Open
189Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open30Female3220002.00 km05/05/20
4400:09:10Cait FordCait Ford
#299 Female Girls Open
299Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open31Female3320002.00 km07/05/20
4500:09:11Cait FordCait Ford
#1194 Female Girls Open
1194Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open32Female3420002.00 km27/05/20
4600:09:16Cait FordCait Ford
#712 Female Girls Open
712Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open33Female3520002.00 km16/05/20
4700:09:19Cait FordCait Ford
#1307 Female Girls Open
1307Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open34Female3620002.00 km30/05/20
4800:09:23Cait FordCait Ford
#1044 Female Girls Open
1044Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open35Female3720002.00 km24/05/20
127400:09:38Imogen WardImogen Ward
#202 Female Girls Open
202Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open553Female57219401.94 km05/05/20
5800:09:40Cait FordCait Ford
#44 Female Girls Open
44Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open39Female4120002.00 km02/05/20
6500:09:52Cait FordCait Ford
#100 Female Girls Open
100Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open40Female4220002.08 km03/05/20
8100:10:00Jake BirtlesJake Birtles
#47 Male Boys Open
47Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open32Male3320002.20 km02/05/20
8200:10:03Zack CocksedgeZack Cocksedge
#117 Male Boys Open
117Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open34Male3420002.46 km03/05/20
8300:10:04Zack CocksedgeZack Cocksedge
#642 Male Boys Open
642Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open35Male3520002.10 km14/05/20
8400:10:06Alfie BirtlesAlfie Birtles
#46 Male Boys Open
46Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open36Male3620003.00 km02/05/20
8700:10:12Abi ParrisAbi Parris
#73 Female Girls Open
73Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open48Female5120002.00 km02/05/20
132900:10:28Billy SpannBilly Spann
#6 Male Boys Open
6Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open706Male70619151.915 km01/05/20
10200:10:33Billy SpannBilly Spann
#48 Male Boys Open
48Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open47Male4720002.00 km02/05/20
12100:10:48Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#152 Male Boys Open
152Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open55Male5520002.01 km04/05/20
134200:10:57Imogen WardImogen Ward
#497 Female Girls Open
497Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open609Female62817601.76 km11/05/20
134300:10:57Alice WardAlice Ward
#498 Female Girls Open
498Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open610Female62917601.76 km11/05/20
15400:11:30Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#304 Male Boys Open
304Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open70Male7020002.00 km07/05/20
127500:11:31Alice WardAlice Ward
#203 Female Girls Open
203Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open554Female57319401.94 km05/05/20
15800:11:35Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#247 Male Boys Open
247Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open73Male7320002.00 km06/05/20
138400:12:00Finn BrierleyFinn Brierley
#121 Male Boys Open
121Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open743Male74310001.00 km03/05/20
18000:12:00Aodhan MartinAodhan Martin
#359 Male Boys Open
359Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open87Male8720002.00 km08/05/20
18100:12:00Siobhan MartinSiobhan Martin
#360 Female Girls Open
360Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open88Female9420002.00 km08/05/20
18500:12:00Aodhan MartinAodhan Martin
#724 Male Boys Open
724Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open88Male8920002.00 km16/05/20
21100:12:45Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#305 Female Girls Open
305Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open100Female10620002.00 km07/05/20
127200:12:50Billy SpannBilly Spann
#94 Male Boys Open
94Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open702Male70219501.95 km03/05/20
22000:12:55Billy SpannBilly Spann
#1118 Male Boys Open
1118Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open109Male10920002.00 km25/05/20
21900:12:55Billy SpannBilly Spann
#450 Male Boys Open
450Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open108Male10820002.00 km10/05/20
134100:13:00Tabitha HeapTabitha Heap
#23 Female Girls Open
23Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open608Female62717701.77 km01/05/20
27000:14:16Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#71 Male Boys Open
71Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open136Male13620002.03 km02/05/20
27100:14:16Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#72 Female Girls Open
72Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open129Female13520002.03 km02/05/20
27600:14:25Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#539 Male Boys Open
539Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open139Male14020002.0 1km12/05/20
27700:14:25Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#540 Female Girls Open
540Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open131Female13720002.01 km12/05/20
27900:14:27Billy SpannBilly Spann
#756 Male Boys Open
756Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open141Male14120002.00 km17/05/20
28200:14:30Jake EdwardsJake Edwards
#857 Male Boys Open
857Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open143Male14320003.21 km19/05/20
28600:14:36Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#757 Male Boys Open
757Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open146Male14620002.00 km17/05/20
28700:14:36Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#758 Female Girls Open
758Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open135Female14120002.00 km17/05/20
29200:14:50Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#191 Male Boys Open
191Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open149Male14920002.01 km05/05/20
29300:14:50Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#192 Female Girls Open
192Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open138Female14420002.01 km05/05/20
35100:15:11Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#15 Female Girls Open
15Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open167Female17420002.02 km01/05/20
35200:15:11Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#16 Male Boys Open
16Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open178Male17820002.02 km01/05/20
136600:15:52Imogen WardImogen Ward
#314 Female Girls Open
314Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open616Female63514801.48 km07/05/20
136700:15:52Alice WardAlice Ward
#315 Female Girls Open
315Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open617Female63614801.48 km07/05/20
37000:16:00Jake EdwardsJake Edwards
#1211 Male Boys Open
1211Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open188Male18820003.20 km27/05/20
36900:16:00Jake EdwardsJake Edwards
#459 Male Boys Open
459Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open187Male18720003.46 km10/05/20
138500:16:00Aodhan MartinAodhan Martin
#250 Male Boys Open
250Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open744Male74410001.00 km06/05/20
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