May 2k Club Challenge

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PosTimeNameNameRace NoClubCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosPoints = Metres RunDistanceDate Completed
35000:15:08Evie O'ConnorEvie O'Connor
#1 Female Girls Open
1Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open166Female17320002.735 km01/05/20
27500:14:25Ben HadfieldBen Hadfield
#2 Male Boys Open
2Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open140Male13920002.02 km01/05/20
85000:35:07Callum MostynCallum Mostyn
#3 Male Boys Open
3Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open472Male47220005.28 km01/05/20
92500:38:26Molly LockingtonMolly Lockington
#4 Female Girls Open
4Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open398Female40920002.88 km01/05/20
137600:10:23Max BakerMax Baker
#5 Male Boys Open
5Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open738Male73812001.20 km01/05/20
132900:10:28Billy SpannBilly Spann
#6 Male Boys Open
6Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open706Male70619151.915 km01/05/20
17200:11:50Oliver ThewlisOliver Thewlis
#7 Male Boys Open
7Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open80Male8020002.02 km01/05/20
37300:16:13Phoebe BrackstonePhoebe Brackstone
#8 Female Girls Open
8Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open176Female18320002.04 km01/05/20
39300:17:30Gabrielle BeardGabrielle Beard
#9 Female Girls Open
9Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open190Female19720002.15 km01/05/20
10300:10:34Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#10 Male Boys Open
10Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open48Male4820002.03 km01/05/20
10400:10:34Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#11 Male Boys Open
11Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open49Male4920002.01 km01/05/20
105400:46:41Isaac Jepson-BrownIsaac Jepson-Brown
#12 Male Boys Open
12Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open587Male58720003.05 km01/05/20
40600:18:21Oscar BundyOscar Bundy
#13 Male Boys Open
13Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open203Male20320003.14 km01/05/20
23300:13:05Charlie SykesCharlie Sykes
#14 Male Boys Open
14Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open113Male11320002.04 km01/05/20
35100:15:11Emily O'BrienEmily O'Brien
#15 Female Girls Open
15Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open167Female17420002.02 km01/05/20
35200:15:11Will O'BrienWill O'Brien
#16 Male Boys Open
16Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open178Male17820002.02 km01/05/20
48800:23:15Aodhan MartinAodhan Martin
#17 Male Boys Open
17Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open252Male25220002.00 km01/05/20
48900:23:15Siobhan MartinSiobhan Martin
#18 Female Girls Open
18Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open229Female23720002.00 km01/05/20
112000:59:52Amy WilsonAmy Wilson
#19 Female Girls Open
19Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open476Female49020005.03 km01/05/20
114001:00:12Emily WilsonEmily Wilson
#20 Female Girls Open
20Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open486Female50220005.03 km01/05/20
112100:59:56Oliver WilsonOliver Wilson
#21 Male Boys Open
21Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open631Male63120005.03 km01/05/20
6400:09:50Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#22 Male Boys Open
22Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open23Male2320002.00 km01/05/20
134100:13:00Tabitha HeapTabitha Heap
#23 Female Girls Open
23Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open608Female62717701.77 km01/05/20
134900:09:59Harry YorkHarry York
#24 Male Boys Open
24Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open720Male72016601.66 km01/05/20
127300:13:25Poppy YorkPoppy York
#25 Female Girls Open
25Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open552Female57119501.95 km01/05/20
122101:28:24Cait FordCait Ford
#26 Female Girls Open
26Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open528Female54720006.65 km01/05/20
82500:33:40Lucy VeigheyLucy Veighey
#27 Female Girls Open
27Man Tri ClubGirls Open357Female36720002.00 km01/05/20
19900:12:20Billy PentraethBilly Pentraeth
#28 Male Boys Open
28Man Tri ClubBoys Open98Male9820002.00 km01/05/20
20000:12:20Georgia PentraethGeorgia Pentraeth
#29 Female Girls Open
29Man Tri ClubGirls Open96Female10220002.00 km01/05/20
15700:11:35Lily AsherLily Asher
#30 Female Girls Open
30Man Tri ClubGirls Open80Female8520002.00 km01/05/20
7900:10:00Lucy MarchantLucy Marchant
#31 Female Girls Open
31Man Tri ClubGirls Open45Female4820002.00 km01/05/20
8000:10:00Lenny MarchantLenny Marchant
#32 Male Boys Open
32Man Tri ClubBoys Open31Male3220002.00 km01/05/20
24000:13:18Anelise Larson-FletcherAnelise Larson-Fletcher
#33 Female Girls Open
33Man Tri ClubGirls Open116Female12220002.00 km01/05/20
24100:13:18Camilla Larson-FletcherCamilla Larson-Fletcher
#34 Female Girls Open
34Man Tri ClubGirls Open117Female12320002.00 km01/05/20
95300:40:00Ania EllettAnia Ellett
#35 Female Girls Open
35Man Tri ClubGirls Open415Female42420002.00 km01/05/20
95400:40:00Kasper EllettKasper Ellett
#36 Male Boys Open
36Man Tri ClubBoys Open529Male53020002.00 km01/05/20
2800:08:28Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#37 Female Girls Open
37Man Tri ClubGirls Open20Female2220002.00 km01/05/20
31000:15:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#38 Male Boys Open
38Man Tri ClubBoys Open156Male15620002.00 km01/05/20
31100:15:00Eleanor PearsonEleanor Pearson
#39 Female Girls Open
39Man Tri ClubGirls Open143Female14720002.00 km01/05/20
11300:10:40Joe BowdenJoe Bowden
#40 Male Boys Open
40Man Tri ClubBoys Open52Male5220002.00 km01/05/20
11400:10:40Rachel BowdenRachel Bowden
#41 Female Girls Open
41Man Tri ClubGirls Open58Female6120002.00 km01/05/20
30500:15:00Spencer ClaytonSpencer Clayton
#42 Male Boys Open
42Man Tri ClubBoys Open157Male15720002.00 km01/05/20
30600:15:00Anneliese ClaytonAnneliese Clayton
#43 Female Girls Open
43Man Tri ClubGirls Open142Female14820002.00 km01/05/20
5800:09:40Cait FordCait Ford
#44 Female Girls Open
44Knutsford Junior Tri ClubGirls Open39Female4120002.00 km02/05/20
13100:11:05Ben HadfieldBen Hadfield
#45 Male Boys Open
45Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open60Male6020002.00 km02/05/20
8400:10:06Alfie BirtlesAlfie Birtles
#46 Male Boys Open
46Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open36Male3620003.00 km02/05/20
8100:10:00Jake BirtlesJake Birtles
#47 Male Boys Open
47Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open32Male3320002.20 km02/05/20
10200:10:33Billy SpannBilly Spann
#48 Male Boys Open
48Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open47Male4720002.00 km02/05/20
75200:30:46Charlie SykesCharlie Sykes
#49 Male Boys Open
49Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open419Male41920002.64 km02/05/20
3800:08:42Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#50 Male Boys Open
50Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open8Male820002.01 km02/05/20
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