May 2k Club Challenge

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PosTimeNameNameRace NoClubCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosPoints = Metres RunDistanceDate Completed
139400:01:26Rory BakerRory Baker
#441 Male Boys Open
441Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open752Male7521000.10 km10/05/20
139300:04:00Spencer ClaytonSpencer Clayton
#914 Male Boys Open
914Man Tri ClubBoys Open751Male7516000.60 km20/05/20
139100:05:44Billy SpannBilly Spann
#353 Male Boys Open
353Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open749Male7499100.91 km08/05/20
139000:05:45Billy SpannBilly Spann
#399 Male Boys Open
399Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open748Male7489800.98 km09/05/20
137800:06:00Anneliese ClaytonAnneliese Clayton
#915 Female Girls Open
915Man Tri ClubGirls Open620Female63911001.10 km20/05/20
138000:06:25Oliver WilsonOliver Wilson
#1084 Male Boys Open
1084Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open741Male74110001.00 km24/05/20
138100:06:25Emily WilsonEmily Wilson
#1085 Female Girls Open
1085Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open621Female64010001.00 km24/05/20
138200:06:25Amy WilsonAmy Wilson
#1086 Female Girls Open
1086Rochdale Triathlon ClubGirls Open622Female64110001.00 km24/05/20
137900:06:36Billy SpannBilly Spann
#311 Male Boys Open
311Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open740Male74010101.01 km07/05/20
139200:06:37Max BakerMax Baker
#329 Male Boys Open
329Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open750Male7506400.64 km07/05/20
135100:07:01Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#437 Male Boys Open
437Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open722Male72216101.60 km10/05/20
100:07:42Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#1046 Male Boys Open
1046Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open1Male120002.00 km24/05/20
300:07:59Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#354 Male Boys Open
354Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open2Male220002.00 km08/05/20
200:07:59Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1133 Female Girls Open
1133Man Tri ClubGirls Open1Female120002.00 km25/05/20
137100:08:00Joe BowdenJoe Bowden
#291 Male Boys Open
291Man Tri ClubBoys Open735Male73513001.30 km06/05/20
137200:08:00Rachel BowdenRachel Bowden
#292 Female Girls Open
292Man Tri ClubGirls Open618Female63713001.30 km06/05/20
400:08:05Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#652 Male Boys Open
652Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open3Male320002.00 km14/05/20
500:08:09Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#207 Male Boys Open
207Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open4Male420002.00 km05/05/20
600:08:10Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#186 Female Girls Open
186Man Tri ClubGirls Open3Female320002.00 km04/05/20
700:08:10Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#882 Female Girls Open
882Man Tri ClubGirls Open2Female220002.00 km19/05/20
800:08:14Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1219 Female Girls Open
1219Man Tri ClubGirls Open4Female420002.00 km27/05/20
1100:08:15Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#424 Female Girls Open
424Man Tri ClubGirls Open6Female520002.00 km09/05/20
900:08:15Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#656 Female Girls Open
656Man Tri ClubGirls Open5Female720002.00 km14/05/20
1000:08:15Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1060 Female Giels Open
1060Man Tri ClubGiels Open1Female620002.00 km24/05/20
1200:08:17Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#526 Female Girls Open
526Man Tri ClubGirls Open7Female820002.00 km11/05/20
1300:08:17Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#129 Female Girls Open
129Man Tri ClubGirls Open8Female920002.00 km03/05/20
1400:08:18Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#742 Female Girls Open
742Man Tri ClubGirls Open9Female1020002.00 km16/05/20
1600:08:19Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#146 Male Boys Open
146Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open5Male520002.00 km04/05/20
1500:08:19Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1007 Female Girls Open
1007Man Tri ClubGirls Open10Female1120002.00 km22/05/20
1700:08:20Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1291 Female Girls Open
1291Man Tri ClubGirls Open11Female1220002.00 km29/05/20
1800:08:23Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#330 Female Girls Open
330Man Tri ClubGirls Open13Female1420002.00 km07/05/20
1900:08:23Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1098 Female Girls Open
1098Man Tri ClubGirls Open12Female1320002.00 km24/05/20
2100:08:25Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#470 Female Girls Open
470Man Tri ClubGirls Open14Female1520002.00 km10/05/20
2000:08:25Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#976 Female Girsl Open
976Man Tri ClubGirsl Open1Female1620002.00 km21/05/20
2200:08:25Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1386 Female Girls Open
1386Man Tri ClubGirls Open15Female1720002.00 km31/05/20
2300:08:26Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#296 Female Girls Open
296Man Tri ClubGirls Open16Female2020002.00 km06/05/20
2400:08:26Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#792 Female Girls Open
792Man Tri ClubGirls Open17Female1920002.00 km17/05/20
2500:08:26Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#793 Male Boys Open
793Man Tri ClubBoys Open6Male620002.00 km17/05/20
2600:08:26Eleanor PearsonEleanor Pearson
#794 Female Girls Open
794Man Tri ClubGirls Open18Female1820002.00 km17/05/20
2700:08:27Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1332 Female Girls Open
1332Man Tri ClubGirls Open19Female2120002.00 km30/05/20
2800:08:28Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#37 Female Girls Open
37Man Tri ClubGirls Open20Female2220002.00 km01/05/20
2900:08:29Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#704 Female Girls Open
704Man Tri ClubGirls Open22Female2320002.00 km15/05/20
3100:08:29Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1252 Female Girls Open
1252Man Tri ClubGirls Open21Female2520002.00 km28/05/20
3000:08:29Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#924 Female Girls Open
924Man Tri ClubGirls Open23Female2420002.00km20/05/20
3200:08:34Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#1179 Female Girls Open
1179Man Tri ClubGirls Open24Female2620002.00 km26/05/20
3300:08:36Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#750 Male Boys Open
750Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open7Male720002.00 km17/05/20
3400:08:37Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#841 Female Girls Open
841Man Tri ClubGirls Open25Female2720002.00 km18/05/20
3500:08:38Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#609 Female Girls Open
609Man Tri ClubGirls Open26Female2820002.00 km13/05/20
3600:08:39Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#574 Female Girls Open
574Man Tri ClubGirls Open27Female2920002.00 km12/05/20
3700:08:41Issy PearsonIssy Pearson
#379 Female Girls Open
379Man Tri ClubGirls Open28Female3020002.00 km08/05/20
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