May 2k Club Challenge

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PosTimeNameNameRace NoClubCategoryCat PosGenderGen PosPoints = Metres RunDistanceDate Completed
86900:36:00Lucy MarchantLucy Marchant
#612 Female Boys Open
612Man Tri ClubBoys Open1Female38520002.00 km13/05/20
100:07:42Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#1046 Male Boys Open
1046Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open1Male120002.00 km24/05/20
300:07:59Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#354 Male Boys Open
354Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open2Male220002.00 km08/05/20
400:08:05Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#652 Male Boys Open
652Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open3Male320002.00 km14/05/20
500:08:09Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#207 Male Boys Open
207Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open4Male420002.00 km05/05/20
1600:08:19Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#146 Male Boys Open
146Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open5Male520002.00 km04/05/20
2500:08:26Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#793 Male Boys Open
793Man Tri ClubBoys Open6Male620002.00 km17/05/20
3300:08:36Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#750 Male Boys Open
750Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open7Male720002.00 km17/05/20
3800:08:42Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#50 Male Boys Open
50Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open8Male820002.01 km02/05/20
3900:08:43Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#101 Male Boys Open
101Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open9Male920002.01 km03/05/20
4100:08:49Callum MostynCallum Mostyn
#210 Male Boys Open
210Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open10Male1020002.02 km05/05/20
4200:09:06Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#1013 Male Boys Open
1013Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open11Male1120002.01 km22/05/20
4900:09:24Harry YorkHarry York
#545 Male Boys Open
545Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open12Male1220002.28 km12/05/20
5100:09:30Billy PentraethBilly Pentraeth
#293 Male Boys Open
293Man Tri ClubBoys Open13Male1320002.00 km06/05/20
5200:09:32Billy PentraethBilly Pentraeth
#268 Male Boys Open
268Man Tri ClubBoys Open14Male1420002.00 km05/05/20
5400:09:32Billy PentraethBilly Pentraeth
#182 Male Boys Open
182Man Tri ClubBoys Open15Male1520002.00 km04/05/20
5600:09:33Oscar BundyOscar Bundy
#1047 Male Boys Open
1047Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open16Male1620002.00 km24/05/20
5700:09:34Callum MostynCallum Mostyn
#109 Male Boys Open
109Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open17Male1720002.00 km03/05/20
5900:09:40Charlie SykesCharlie Sykes
#345 Male Boys Open
345Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open18Male1820002.00 km08/05/20
6000:09:40Charlie SykesCharlie Sykes
#1353 Male Boys Open
1353Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open19Male1920002.01 km31/05/20
6100:09:45Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#1018 Male Boys Open
1018Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open20Male2020002.10 km
6200:09:45Oscar BundyOscar Bundy
#1019 Male Boys Open
1019Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open21Male2120002.10 km23/05/20
6300:09:47Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#863 Male Boys Open
863Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open22Male2220002.00 km19/05/20
6400:09:50Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#22 Male Boys Open
22Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open23Male2320002.00 km01/05/20
6700:09:56Callum MostynCallum Mostyn
#440 Male Boys Open
440Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open24Male2420002.00 km10/05/20
6800:09:59Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#714 Male Boys Open
714Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open25Male2520002.00 km16/05/20
7100:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#883 Male Boys Open
883Man Tri ClubBoys Open26Male3020002.00 km19/05/20
6900:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#842 Male Boys Open
842Man Tri ClubBoys Open27Male2620002.00 km18/05/20
7300:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#1008 Male Boys Open
1008Man Tri ClubBoys Open28Male2820002.00 km22/05/20
7500:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#925 Male Boys Open
925Man Tri ClubBoys Open29Male3120002.00km20/05/20
7700:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#977 Male Boys Open
977Man Tri ClubBoys Open30Male2920002.00 km21/05/20
8000:10:00Lenny MarchantLenny Marchant
#32 Male Boys Open
32Man Tri ClubBoys Open31Male3220002.00 km01/05/20
8100:10:00Jake BirtlesJake Birtles
#47 Male Boys Open
47Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open32Male3320002.20 km02/05/20
7400:10:00Joseph PearsonJoseph Pearson
#1061 Male Boys Open
1061Man Tri ClubBoys Open33Male2720002.00 km24/05/20
8200:10:03Zack CocksedgeZack Cocksedge
#117 Male Boys Open
117Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open34Male3420002.46 km03/05/20
8300:10:04Zack CocksedgeZack Cocksedge
#642 Male Boys Open
642Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open35Male3520002.10 km14/05/20
8400:10:06Alfie BirtlesAlfie Birtles
#46 Male Boys Open
46Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open36Male3620003.00 km02/05/20
8800:10:13Callum MostynCallum Mostyn
#55 Male Boys Open
55Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open37Male3720002.00 km02/05/20
8900:10:15Elliot GriffithsElliot Griffiths
#1103 Male Boys Open
1103Man Tri ClubBoys Open38Male3820002.00 km24/05/20
9000:10:18Oscar BundyOscar Bundy
#751 Male Boys Open
751Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open39Male3920002.00 km17/05/20
9200:10:24Billy PentraethBilly Pentraeth
#90 Male Boys Open
90Man Tri ClubBoys Open40Male4020002.00 km02/05/20
9500:10:27Alfie BundyAlfie Bundy
#170 Male Boys Open
170Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open41Male4120002.00 km04/05/20
9600:10:27Oscar BundyOscar Bundy
#171 Male Boys Open
171Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open42Male4220002.00 km04/05/20
9700:10:27Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#517 Male Boys Open
517Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open43Male4320002.00 km11/05/20
9800:10:27Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#518 Male Boys Open
518Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open44Male4420002.00 km11/05/20
9900:10:27Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#564 Male Boys Open
564Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open45Male4520002.00 km12/05/20
10000:10:27Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#565 Male Boys Open
565Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open46Male4620002.00 km12/05/20
10200:10:33Billy SpannBilly Spann
#48 Male Boys Open
48Knutsford Junior Tri ClubBoys Open47Male4720002.00 km02/05/20
10300:10:34Toby NuttalToby Nuttal
#10 Male Boys Open
10Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open48Male4820002.03 km01/05/20
10400:10:34Theo NuttalTheo Nuttal
#11 Male Boys Open
11Rochdale Triathlon ClubBoys Open49Male4920002.01 km01/05/20
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